What is "The Ravebusters" ?:

'The Ravebusters' were founded by daX, later daXX (Bert Brüggemann) in 1987.
The name, not hard to guess, was inspired by the movie 'Ghostbusters'. The word 'Rave' came from an old record by 'Van Morrison'.

That's how RAVE & Busters became The Ravebusters.

In the beginning 'The Ravebusters' was used purely as a group name for C64-activities. Releases such as music or simple games were never published as DaxX was missing the communicative possibilities. The very first provable releases were published as Amiga-Modules in 1993/94. They were distributed by Dr. Voodoo via Packet Radio. He also connected them with Turbo B. (Turboland Saar BBS).

The real members of 'The Ravebusters' were:

Dax ( Bert Brüggemann ) ( aka daXX | aka DJ Daxx )
D.O.Q. ( Dieter Oliver Quien )
Phyton ( Romuald Schlatter )
Tom k. ( Thomas Klehr )
Daytona ( Michael Klehr )
Dr.Voodoo ( Martin Zieseniss ) ( aka Voodoo | aka MZVoodoo )

Turbo B. made himself a Member as he distributed the Ravebusters Mods on his Turboland Saar BBS. He tried to get the group under his control. Together with his former wife he wanted to commercially market them as management. 1997 he contacted a DJ who was interested in the music by The Ravebusters.
Coincidentially he called DaxX and cleared things up, for example that Turbo B. was only active as a so called 'swapper' for Ravebusters and that he wasn't actually a part of the group, he didn't produce any music either. DaxX didn't know about Turbo B. displaying himself as one of the creators of the mods and the changed files being spread by him in several networks. Except Phyton and Voodoo, everyone left the group in 1997 as they disliked the behavior of Turbo B. Afterwards DaxX, Voodoo and Phyton decided to go on together while Turbo B. has been laid off as a swapper.

The earlier contacted DJ is Herby F., who founded the project DJs@Work around 2002. Together with DaxX he released a couple tracks. Over time the group 'The Ravebusters' sank into oblivion and none of the members is active, either musically or in that scene.

Around 2001 DaxX became a member of Tristar & Red Sector Inc. Later he was active in other demoscene groups like Surprise!Productions and Deviance & Scoopex. He did a guest release together with Titan and Haujobb for the game 'Dynablaster Revenge'.