What is "The Ravebusters" ?:

The Ravebusters was founded in March 1987 as Commodore64 Group by daXX.

On C64 produced just some basic programs and two or three SID tunes for the Ravebusters but it never got released. Later in 1988/89 daXX got an Amiga 500 with a Soundtracker Tool. ST-01 provided by a friend and The group was underway. daXX would create amiga mods for the group while searching for members. The first member, Tom K. joined in 1992 with a cool knowlege about trackers. In the same year his brother Daytona joined us with coding knowlege.

1994 brought more members, D.O.Q., Voodoo and Phyton. D.O.Q. had a lot of knowlege about amiga coding and music. Voodoo was perfect for publishing our releases over his little BBS and he had learned making music too. Phyton was our "Hardcore and Gabba Freak". He had composed a lot of Hardcore Tracks on Protracker.

In the middle of 1994 Turbo B joined The Ravebustes with his very big "Turboland Saar BBS" full of mods. He distributed all our mods in his BBS with ease. The Ravebusters became a big name in the Amiga Mod Scene.

1996 brought its problems to the group and eventually, it fractured. Some Members left The Ravebusters. Turbo B starts "The new Ravebusters" with some other guys but it never saw the same success its orignal did. After some time, that too split.

Voodoo, Phyton and daXX tried it alone for a while but after Voodoo left too, because of busy work schedule, the group was on ice.

daXX and phyton since have done some live acts for partys and discos with some of their new tunes and daXX was signed up to created various songs at a professional level. The Ravebusters was forgotten for a while. In the meantime daXX was a member of some other demoscene groups during 2000 to 2006.